Calendar Of Shows

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Ganesha 24 x 24 Mixed media on canvas (5)Select Group Shows:

2015: Timeless Travel, Taj Gateway, Bangalore, India
2015: Annual Art Auction, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada
2015: Infinite Divinity, Sublime Gallery, Bangalore, India
2014: Romantic Raagas, Art Affair, New York, USA
2014: Tales of Tradition, Art Affair, Bangalore, India
2014: Essence of Woman, Art Affair, Plano, Texas, USA
2013: Kochi Affordable Art Show, Kochi, India
2013: Odyssey of Color, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA
2012: Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2012: Agora Art Gallery, Chelsea New York, USA
2011: Art Expressions Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2011: Art Mart, Gurgaon, India
2011: For Love, For Art, Forever, Arttrax Gallery, Port Credit, Canada
2010: A Rainbow of Colors, Epicentre, Gurgaon, India
2010: The Artists Alley, San Francisco, California, USA
2010: An Extravaganza of Colors, The Claridges, Faridabad, India
2010: Colors of India, Art Experience Gallery, Delhi, India
home-slider12005 – 2010: M!M!M! Canadian National Exhibition Place, Toronto, Canada
2005 – 2010: Mississauga Art Society Annual Shows, Mississauga, Canada
2009: Arts in Mind, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2009: Art at the Castle, Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada
2008: Bedroom Series, Impressions Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008: Emergence, The Gladstone Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008: Artfully Yours, Novotel, Mississauga, Canada
2008: Streetsville ArtFest, Mississauga, Canada
2007 – 2009: Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Canada
2006 – 2008: Visual Arts Interactive, Mosaic, Mississauga, Canada
2006: Timeless Beauty, Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2005: Hungama, Dundas & Yonge Square, Toronto, Canada
Select Solo Shows:

2009: Beyond Black & White, The Bay, Toronto, Canada
2009: Art Expressions Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2008: Blank Kanvas Gallery, Chicago, USA
2008: Artwalk, Lakeshore, Mississauga, Canada
Bedroom Series - Intimacy 36 x 48Select Projects:

2012: Taj, Theatre Production
2011: Galerie Dentaire, Montreal, Canada
2010: Embrace, ASAAP, Toronto, Canada
2010: Dislocation, Telus Mosaic, Mississauga, Canada
2010: Cancer Society of Canada, Toronto, Canada
2009: Project Hope, Galerie Dentaire, Montreal, Canada
2009: Wolmers School, Jamaica
2009: Tumai for Tomorrow, Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, Canada
2008 – 2010: (Youth) Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Toronto, Canada
2008 – 2009: Hindu Youth Conference, Toronto, Canada
2008 – 2009: Trillium Fundraiser Gala, Toronto, Canada
2008: Seva Fundraiser Gala, Toronto, Canada
2007: Voice of Veda, Richmond Hill, Canada
2007 & 2010: CNE place, Toronto, Canada
1988: Indian Cultural Fair, Japan and USA
Saraswati 01 36 x 48Achievements:

2010 – 2014: Board of Director, Mississauga Arts Council
2007 – 2009: Vice-President of Mississauga Arts Society
2008 & 2009: M!M!M! Favorite South-Asian Visual Artist in Canada
2008: Curator, M!M!M! Artist Walkway, Toronto, Canada
Select Published works (selected publications or bibliography)

2012: Desi Life, Toronto, Canada
2010: Hindustan Times, New Delhi, India
2010: CD Sleeve for Album ReOrient, ArcMusic UK
2009: Dare to be Different: Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canada
2008: Creative Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Canada
2008: Time & Travel Magazine, Canada
2007: Noman’s Land Production, Canada
2006 – 2009: Investor Series, BNP Paribas, Hong Kong