Vishal Misra

Vishal Misra‘s abstraction of human figures is not necessarily a visual statement. The alterations and the creative representations of the subjects are purely conceptual; the relationship between the image and the idea is strictly incidental. Misra strives “to portray the clash between the realities of life and the fallacy of human thoughts and desires.” That juxtaposition is essential to his depiction of individual persons. Though not immediately obvious from these cubistic renditions of human forms, the artist’s springboard is a naturalistic likeness of the subjects which is necessarily manipulated in order to express his own inner conflict and a universal human need for love. This internal struggle of the physical form to evolve from the visual pandemonium is what renders Misra’s paintings perpetually engrossing and emotionally stimulating, bringing them to new levels of thought-provoking impact.

Vishal Misra is a Canadian artist of South Asian descent. He has participated in numerous solo group exhibitions in USA, Canada, Asia and Europe. He works predominantly in acrylics on large canvases, and his use of bold colors harmonizes with the emotional resonance of his oeuvre.